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mexico chiapas mayan harvest

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light roast | sweet & smooth


This coffee comes to us via our importing friends at Royal Coffee. They sourced this one from Rosalba Cifuentes and four of her family members' farms in the municipality of Bella Vista in Chiapas, Mexico. Rosalba was raised in the Bella Vista coffee community and later moved to the United States, where she formed her exporting company, Mayan Harvest Coffee. Since exporting the first container of her family's coffee from Bella Vista, she has dedicated herself to helping other producers in the community with small plots of land averaging five acres or less - specifically supporting a group of women with outstanding quality coffee. She ensures traceability for her community coffee by personally exporting the coffee directly to the Bay Area. Her attention to detail allows producers to earn higher prices, reinvest in better agricultural practices, and improve the livelihoods of their families.

The coffee itself is sweet and smooth. A hint of lime-spiked cranberry sauce pairs nicely with brown sugar and malted chocolate. It has a long aftertaste that reminds us of a freshly baked Mexican pan dulce: a buttery, brioche-like roll with a crunchy, sweet topping. This is the perfect coffee to have ready for those cold winter mornings on the horizon. 

WE TASTE: cranberry sauce, pan dulce, chocolate malt


more details:


  • Farm: four farms in the Cifuentes family

  • Community: Bella Vista

  • State: Chiapas

  • Country:¬†Mexico

VARIETIES: Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor

GROWING ELEVATION: 1,584 meters (5,197 feet)

MILLING PROCESS: washed, sun dried


  • Farmers - Eugenio Roblero, Froilan Roblero Cifuentes, Otoniel Roblero Cifuentes, and Omar Roblero Cifuentes

  • Exporter - Mayan Harvest Coffee (owned by Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia)

  • Importer - Royal Coffee

meet the farmers: 

At Succulent Coffee Roasters, we value our partners and seek out any opportunity to highlight their stories. ‚ÄúChiapas Mayan Harvest‚ÄĚ is part of our Transparent Trade Collection and as such, the featured photos (from our friends at Royal Coffee) give you a behind-the-scenes look at the farm and the people behind the delicious coffee.¬†

Rosalba Cifuentes from Chiapas

Coffee exporter Rosalba Cifuentes helps producers in her community earn higher prices for their coffee to reinvest in better agricultural practices.

Rosalba with her coffee in the warehouse in Oakland, CA.

Rosalba with her coffee in the warehouse in Oakland, CA.

Bella Vista, Chiapas, Mexico 

The high growing elevation of Bella Vista, Chiapas - with its cool nights and warm days - provides the perfect microclimate to help coffee trees develop the sweet, ripe fruit that will be harvested, milled, roasted, and made into your morning cup of coffee.

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