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doing good. brewing good.

our story

Succulent Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roasting company based in Southern California. We help people drink delicious coffee they can feel good about.

Succulent Coffee Roasters began as an idea shared by the right people at the right time. Our co-founders came together over their love of coffee to build a business that supports the communities and causes we care about. We get to do that by sourcing, roasting, and sharing delicious specialty coffee with the world.

Our roastery keeps a steady supply of freshly roasted coffee flowing for a variety of wholesale clients throughout southern California. Our cafes in Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach feature a full espresso bar and a rotating selection of seasonal coffees available on batch brew, pour over, and cold brew. We also ship beans nation-wide so our Succulent Coffee superfans can enjoy freshly roasted SoCal coffee from the comfort of home.

our coffee

We believe good coffee is so much more than what's in your cup. Your morning ritual is both a bright start to your day and a bridge to other people, places, and ways of life. The coffee we carefully source and roast, ship to your home, and serve you in our cafes is a livelihood that powers entire communities throughout Africa, Asia, and The Americas. All of us who love coffee are part of an interconnected global supply chain where thousands of people interact to take fruit from a tree on a farm and turn it into the latte you pick up on your way to work.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this extraordinary thing that is such an ordinary part of our lives. We're breaking down the barriers to make it easy for you to partake in some of the best coffee produced by our friends and partners throughout the globe. If you are a total coffee nerd who gets into the details of washed vs. natural processing and espresso extraction theory, we're here for you. If you want your morning cappuccino fast and hot as you speed off to work, we've got you too. We make sure there's coffee for everyone here at Succulent Coffee Roasters.

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