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nicaragua yellow peach microlot

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light roast | fruity & balanced


This coffee is a shining example of everything good in the world of specialty coffee and we are immensely proud to bring it to your cup.

The producers of this spectacular coffee, Josefina and Mario Gonzalez Vasquez, have lived deep in mountain highlands of Jinotega, Nicaragua since 1985, when they began growing coffee as a means to support their family. In addition to cultivating coffee and raising their seven children, they maintain a working farm with chickens, pigs, a horse, and a small waterfall that never dries up. 

Licensed Q grader and coffee farmer Benjamin Weiner founded Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in 2002 while writing his undergraduate thesis on Nicaraguan debt relief. Compelled by the notion that he could cultivate international economic empowerment alongside small scale coffee producers, Ben and his Nicaraguan counterparts have built a truly innovative direct trade farming group. Not only do they connect Nicaraguan farmers like Josefina and Mario directly to US and European roasters like us, they also maintain a flagship teaching farm in Matagalpa where they pioneer technologies to improve growing techniques, develop sustainable farming practices, improve processing methodologies, and reinvest in social impact programs.

After meeting Ben at the 2023 Golden Bean competition and cupping some of Gold Mountain's amazing coffee samples, we knew we had to be part of this movement. We started by buying a few bags of Josefina and Mario's high quality, fruity, and balanced microlot. Every year they work with the Gold Mountain team to pick and process their coffee, which they transport off of their farm via horseback. Their Caturra Estrella (an improved version of Caturra) and Catuai varieties have a wonderfully-unique yellow peach note that stands out on cupping tables.

We hope you enjoy the experience of drinking this coffee and being part of something special.

WE TASTE: tangerine, peach cobbler, cane sugar


more details:


  • Farm: El Divino Ni√Īo¬†

  • (Nearest) Town: Jinotega

  • Department:¬†Jinotega

  • Country:¬†Nicaragua

VARIETY: Catuai, Caturra Estrella 

GROWING ELEVATION: 1,325 meters (4,345 feet)

MILLING PROCESS: washed, 17 hour fermentation, sun dried


  • Farmers & Importers -¬†Josefina & Mario Gonzalez Vasquez with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

meet the farmers: 

At Succulent Coffee Roasters, we value our partners and seek out any opportunity to highlight their stories. ‚ÄúYellow Peach Microlot‚ÄĚ is part of our Transparent Trade Collection and as such, the featured photos (from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers) give you a behind-the-scenes look at the farm and the people behind the delicious coffee.


Coffee producer Mario Vasquez
Coffee producer Mario Vasquez surveying his coffee trees.

Mario Vasquez with his new depulper

Coffee producer Mario Vasquez showing off his new depulper, which allows him to process coffee he and his family harvest directly on their farm, which allows him to control quality and ultimately earn a higher price for his coffee.

Washing coffee
One of the Gonzalez children oversees the washing process after the coffee has been depulped to remove the skin and mucilage, before it begins fermentation.

parchment on the drying table
After the coffee fermentation process is complete, it is laid out to dry on raised beds in a solar dryer to protect it from the rain, ensure uniform drying, and ultimately produce a clean, balanced coffee.

Josefina & Mario Gonzalez Vasquez family
Coffee producers Josefina and Mario Gonzalez Vasquez with their children on their coffee farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

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