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We invite you to learn about the incredible work of The Chain Collaborative, an organization that we’re proudly supporting through our subscription program!


What The Chain Collaborative Does

They build relationships with local leaders in coffee-growing regions, cultivate their project design and management skills, and foster the development of their farming enterprises. This work allows global communities to combat intergenerational poverty and marginalization in the coffee sector on their own terms, and according to their own visions for change.


Coffee is a multibillion-dollar industry that is held up by the hard work and labor of an estimated 12.5 million small-scale farmers worldwide. At least 44% of these farmers live below the internationally recognized poverty line—with 22% in extreme poverty—each facing food insecurity, low educational attainment, lack of access to healthcare, and increasing outmigration from their farming communities to a nearby city or another country. These disparities are further exacerbated by gender inequalities, climate change, and volatile market prices.


Students of Building Tomorrow Karama Primary School in Uganda 
(aka the Karama Education Center)

Alicia Roque Farms partner producer Don Engel Zambrano in ManabĂ­, Ecuador

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